7 Ways to Maintain Social Distancing at Work Place That Keeps Your Employees Safe

It has been months now since COVID-19 stroke the world and yet we are not sure when this is coming to an end. Many businesses have been affected as they try to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. If you have a business you must have tried to come up with a solution to this by either changing your work location or something so that you can allow the social distancing of your employees which is one way of keeping coronavirus at bay. Besides managing the social distancing you need to consider other factors that will contribute to the safety of your employees at the workplace. To know which are those things to employ in the help of fighting od COVID-19 make sure to read more here.

One thing is to keep desks six feet apart. The arrangement in your office should be six feet apart and this is a formula that was provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Unfortunately, the size of your office will determine the number of employees you will have in the office. For more info about maintaining social distance for a business that has less space click here.

Use of separation screen is the other way to ensure the safety of your employees. The use of the screen separation barriers are effective for you if your office is very small to accommodate 6 feet distance among the workers. If your employees deal with people from outside then separation screens will do great for them. If you want to shop for social distancing products check it out here.

Ensure you keep clients out. Bearing in mind that ensuring the social distancing of employees is tough when you allow clients inside the office it will be more difficult. To avoid interaction with clients you should invest in online customer services such use of phone calls, emails, and video calls. To learn more on how to provide these services click here for more.

Use place markers and directional signage. Direction signage will help your flocked clients to know where they should go and the flow markers assist them in creating the six feet distance from each other.

Remote meetings will help you to fight the coronavirus. Holding meetings with your employees isn’t safe hence they should be avoided. Virtual meetings help to avoid gathering of your employees hence assisting to avoid the tragedy of COVID-19.

Rotational shifts will help you to have fewer workers at a specific time. With rotation shifts, you are also safe in case there is an employee that tested positive for the virus the whole group will not be affected but only the shift working with the victim. When the above measures don’t apply to you then you need to reduce the number of the workers you have.