Tips on How to be a Weekday Hockey Fan

Hockey is a beautiful game where two teams play against each other. Players trying to drive a ball into an opponent’s goal with a hockey stick. Hockey comes in various types, like bandy, where players play on the ice. Another form of hockey is field hockey. Field hockey is a form of hockey where players play on grass, watered turf, or artificial turf. Rink or roller hockey is another hockey style. Roller hockey is a hockey game played on roller skates. The type of hockey played depends on the surface on which the game is played on. Being a hockey fan is not easy since it can be confusing or puzzling when you are new. Hockey could only be easy for you to follow if you are following soccer due to their similarities. On the contrary, hockey basics are not that hard to learn, especially if you got a great interest. The following are tips on how to be a weekday hockey fan.

The first thing to consider when aspiring to be a weekday hockey fun is learning the basics of hockey. A hockey game is a sixty-minute game that is broken into three periods with twenty minutes each. Between the periods, hockey has intermissions of seventeen minutes each. Like soccer finals, hockey can go for extra time if both teams tie at the end of the stipulated time, sixty minutes. When the game goes into extra time, usually five minutes, and the tie I not broken, both participate in the goal shootouts. Hockey has a lot in common with soccer.

Understanding the game’s objective is another thing to look into when you want to be a hockey fan. Like soccer, the objectives of hockey players are two. These objectives are scoring goals and preventing the other team from scoring. For a player to score a goal, he or she has to drive the ball past the opposing team’s goalkeeper into net. At that point, the scoring team is awarded a point. As a fun, scoring a goal might be easy but to a player it is a big hustle.

Learning the rules of hockey is another tip of becoming a good weekday hockey fan. When one watches hockey, especially the old time’s hockey, it might seem as if there are no rules. Hockey has rules like any other game. The timing of the game is the first rule of a hockey game. The game, as early mentioned, is sixty minutes. Apart from timing, hockey rules dwell on penalties. Penalties serve as precautions and protect players from injuries. These penalties are separated into two, namely major and minor penalties. Minor penalties may result from tripping, elbowing, sticks moving above the waist, delaying game hooking, and more. Major penalties also come as results of misconduct such as checking from behind or fighting or even boarding, causing a player to slide uncontrollably headfirst into the end of the field. Being hockey fan is fun for anyone who has an interest in weekday hockey.

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