Guidelines to Fire Extinguisher Inspection Services

The truth is that not many people have been in a situation whereby, they are required to put out the fire and therefore are supposed to know how to use a fire extinguisher. However, it is important for every company to ensure that they have trained two or more people on how they can effectively use the fire extinguishers and those are the ones should be in charge of fire safety. These are the main people who will take over the responsibility of conducting fire extinguisher inspection services and ensure that they perform this task on a regular basis.
The people in charge of fire safety will also have the responsibility of training other employees and at the same time making sure that all the fire alarms ate working as they should. They must also organize and conduct regular drills to make sure that every person at the work building knows what they should do and where to assemble in case a fire broke out. This procedure must be conducted in all office buildings, factories, warehouses, churches, and other institutions including schools. The process has to be done on a regular basis so that everyone is well versed with the procedure, just in case there is a fire break out, everyone will get to a safe area because they know exactly where to go to.
The first step that must be done during the fire extinguisher inspection is to make sure that this device is placed in a visible location. There is no need of having the fire extinguisher and other devices if they will be placed in a place where no one is able to find them in case a fire breaks out. It is important that you have different sets of locations distributed in various places in your building or office where the fire extinguishers will be placed. This is helpful in that every staff knows exactly where they need to go if there is fire. This should happen without them searching for the extinguishers or having to delay.
The next step when inspecting your fire extinguishers is to ensure that they have not been tampered with or interfered with in any way. If you notice that the fire extinguisher has tampered with, it is advisable that you call the fire specialist, so that they can conduct the necessary tests and service the device to make sure that the fire extinguisher is working properly as it should and help you when you need it most.
You have to identify what pressure that the canisters are holding. The dial should be in the green area. As long as it is there, then you will know that whenever you need to use this device, then you will have sufficient pressure that will enable you to spray and cool the fire within a short time. Be on the lookout, if your pressure dial is at red then this shows that your canister has lost the pressure and again you need to find the ideal fire specialist service provider so that they can service your extinguishers and add pressure. Always ensure to keep your extinguishers clean.

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