1. Must be a business that benefits me in the long term.. I do not want short term gains.
2. Must be honest and not all hype.
3. Must provide a support forum just in case I need some help.
4. Needs to have a place for the community to share their experiences.
5. If I have to lie to someone to get their hard earned money.. then I will not even consider it.

I mean come on we all work are bottoms off for the money we have.. who do people think they are to take our hard earned money and give us nothing in return.. NOT COOL!

Picking the business

Just because the website is flashy and looks PRO and appears legit DOES NOT MEAN IT IS! I honestly signed up to the best home business that I know of, off of a small not so good looking blog.. But I tell you what I am now a lifetime member and will not leave the business PERIOD!

So looks can be deceiving so keep your guard up. You have every right to be picky! It is your hard earned money use it wisely!

The schedule

This schedule is awesome! See what happens in 30 days from implementing my techniques. Simple schedule as well.. it is based one a two hour a day schedule.

Step 1.
Write one post or addition to your website. If you have no website disregard step 1.

Step 2.
Write two press releases.

Step 3.
Write an informative article.. This one here is a good example.. I am not trying to sell you on a business I am offering you my information in hopes it will help you and in turn you will look to me for further information.

When writing an article, people do not want to be sold on something.. they want to see quality information that they can put to use.. Now if you write an article telling someone how this is the best business in the world and try selling them hype, in the long run it will bite you in the bottom..

Step 4.
Place ads in classifieds & free ad forums.

Step 5.
If you already have MySpace and Facebook then add some friends and start networking.. if you do not have accounts to these social websites then do so now.

Step 6.
Repeat five days a week for one month and then look to see your results.. Now imagine doing this for over three months! Six months! One year!! Could you imagine how much free quality TARGETED traffic you will be getting in that time!

Thanks for reading my article. I hope it was helpful. I plan to get a few more articles out to your folks (my readers) and share some more useful information with you.