Gaming becomes an important phenomenon of any child’s life as they grow up. By definition gaming is basically the act of playing games primarily on electronic devices such as computers, laptops and electronic consoles. However, this action cannot be restricted to just children. Nowadays, adults are much more involved in this activity than children. There are competitions held all over the world, in which people of all ages come in from all over the world to compete and show their skills.

Gaming is of varying types; primarily video games, but also card ones and tabletop too. Every act of playing a game, even role playing is considered to fall in this category. People indulge in such behaviors for purposes of leisure and people of all ages can find one that is appropriate for them. The gaming industry is the biggest industry in the world and console designers and manufacturers are amongst the most successful businesses in the world nowadays. Multi-national corporations such as Sony, Panasonic and Nintendo are the titans of the gaming console industry, with the Xbox and Play Station that is a worldwide phenomenon now. Amongst the most popular ones played by children, teenagers and even adults include FIFA, Assassins creed, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty and DOTA. These games are visually fantastic providing its players with the most realistic appeal there is. Great video stimulation, graphics and player controls enables players to experience a 3 dimensional screen play.

When talking about games, one cannot help but talk about gaming consoles, which have come a long way since the very first ones such as Nintendo, Atari and Sega which were the most popular ones in the 80s and 90s. These were the second generation consoles, which have been long forgotten. The seventh generation consoles seen used throughout the world are Wii, PlayStation and Xbox 360. These gaming consoles provide live streaming that allows players from all over the world to play as one team. These consoles play Blu-ray and HD DVD disks that are said to be beyond high definition. These consoles have removable hard drives with up to 40 hours battery time regarding their controllers. These consoles also allow social networking through which they can communicate with other players via text messaging, phone calls, emails and voice chats! Over the years, the world of gaming has modernized and evolved into an entirely new phenomenon, back from the first generation consoles to now the eighth generation consoles.