Today’s economy worldwide still feels the pinch from the 2007/2008 financial crisis. It all started from a liquidity shortfall in the US banking system and, pretty soon almost all branches on the international markets started free falling. At the end of 2010, beginning of 2011 people wonder if the economy will look anything like two-three years ago or take new turns. For a sound forecast, experts look into the history cycles, the causes and effects that led to the present financial state and the available economic tools and vehicles that portray the current and future pecuniary power factors.

From a general perspective, one is definitely entitled to distrust the value of the paper money, virtual bank accounts and abstract stocks and bonds. The dollar, pound and euro have revealed their face value, which is superficial worth manufactured by human conventions and shifting systems. Yet, the fall of the commercial paper currency unfortunately affected all industries and business around the world.

Despite governmental attempts to balance the sudden monetary drop through institutional bailouts, exceptional fiscal inputs and an abrupt expansion of the monetary policies; bankruptcy, unemployment, inflation and, implicitly decreased national, corporate, and individual incomes could not have been avoided. All these negatively impacted consumption and business investments, large and small scale trade, hence the stock index, the worth of commodities and almost all types of assets.

In other words, the engine of global economy and the belief in the monetary systems of most people all over the world were seriously shattered. On these lines, financial institutions, experts, and ordinary people alike look for different ways and economic tools to protect their assets, socio-financial status, preserve value and perform secure investments on the contemporary market and of future prospects. Many governments, central banks of the globe, tycoons of various nationalities, and simple men found the world-old glitter of gold to be the most trustworthy.

Furthermore, both large and small companies, investors and natural people choose to buy gold bullion bars to secure their wealth and future. As history has proven many a times, gold is one of the most secure means to store value. Moreover, professional say that the price of gold, although currently increasing, has not yet reached its real level. For best deals and safe purchases, experts can offer precious advice. Altogether one thing is for sure: gold is the true currency of present trouble times and future economy.