In today’s business world it is almost a necessity to have a website to do business and if not a necessity, it is probably a good idea. In terms of why do you need a web site; think about your competitors and what they offer. Do they have a web site? If so, what do they show on their web site and how do they use their web site for business? Is the web sites used for just information or is it used for ecommerce also? If you are in the concrete construction business for instance, what do others in your business have on the internet? Here’s a key question, even if they aren’t on the internet, should you be first and lead the way?

By leading the way, are you ready to take orders over the internet or is the site going to be used for information purposes only? Taking orders leads to some conditions that you need to consider. For one, are the custom products you sell possible to sell on the internet without having a face to face meeting? If so, what selling avenues and contracts need to be on the site so your sales force can travel down that road with the customer either on the phone or in a chat room?

Having all of the information on the site that your customer could possibly want is the first step in creating the most useful site. For instance, in the concrete business, is it necessary to have the details of your Tucson precast concrete products versus your San Jose precast concrete products or should you clump them together under all of your products? One way to determine what to put on the web site is to figure out what the differences are and what the particular sites offer versus the other sites? Also, do the customers prefer to have a site for their particular market or is it okay to order from Tucson or San Jose without regard to where the product is made and shipped?

Other things to consider putting on a business web site are the contracts and specifications. This way the customer can view the specs, the business doesn’t have to worry about sending out the specs as hard copy, but the specs are now open to everyone. Is this good or indifferent? Is it necessary to do business in the world today or can you sit back and work without the use of the internet technology?